D.O.G. …. The Hedonistic Pig

Among the many things I have learned from D.O.G. about pigs, perhaps the one that stands out foremost, is that given half a chance, pigs are consummate pleasure seekers. They thrive on indulgent behavior. They appreciate the finer things in life. They love warm fuzzies. I would not be the least bit surprised if it was a pig who inspired Joseph Campbell to ‘follow his bliss.’

I like this hedonistic pig philosophy. It works for me. Except maybe when D.O.G. brings his philosophy indoors. After all, as a pig-keeper I have to draw the line somewhere.

Take this morning for example. I found D.O.G. fresh out of a mud puddle, chomping with gusto, under an apple tree. Now those two things, mud puddles and apple trees, rate very high on the hedonism scale. To combine the two experiences is approaching bliss.

FG_013_1 copyFor some reason, pigster reminds me of the half-moon cookies I loved so much in New York. Chocolate icing on one side, vanilla icing on the other…is he too fat to roll over???FG_026_1 copyApproaching bliss…FG_049_1 copy

I made a few photos, then went back to work up in the house. Moments later, I heard those endearing little grunt-squeaks that usually make my heart flip-flop. D.O.G. was at the door. I snuck out the other door with my camera….

FG_057_2WHAT THE….FG_059_1 copy…HECK???FG_063_1 copyOH MY D.O.G.!!!!

My former butler knew by my tone of voice, he was going in the wrong direction. Perhaps he also realized he was not turned out properly for a house visit? I wouldn’t bet on it. He was fired for a reason.

D.O.G. deftly backed out the door and headed towards me (that always makes my heart flutter)…FG_066_1FG_067_1 copyBut then…..errrrhhh…what do we have here???FG_068_1 copy

SCRUMPCIOUS PORCH MORSELS!!!FG_069_1 copyshluuuurrrrphgrunchgrunch goes the begonia….FG_070_1 copy…as seen from the chocolate side of my piggy-cookie…FG_077_1 copyFuschia Blossoms! … Manna from Heaven!!! FG_074_1 copy

This was, by all pig standards, a triple-delight morning.

Mud puddles! Apple trees! Flower blossoms!

It tuckered the pig slam out.

I haven’t told D.O.G. about a visit to my favorite bakery yesterday, when I made off with nine desserts!!! Including this to-kill-for chocolate roulade…FG_106 copy

ITFG_136 copyWASFG_139 copyBLISSFUL!FG_140 copyOK. So I’m a hedonist too.


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