PHOTO OF THE DAY – PIG PRIORITIES – September 28, 2015



For Photo of the Day, I have chosen a sweet portrait I made yesterday of D.O.G. the pig. Look at him…isn’t he the cutest?


Did you notice how he is foaming at the mouth? Do you know why? Well, lemme tell ya…

What is really going on here is a one-girl-pig-roundup of sorts. After missing the pigster through all the early football analysis and nearly up to the start of the Panthers game, I knew I had to find Deoji. He is after all, a big Cam Newton fan.

Or is that Fig Newton?

I discovered he was off in the meadow, under a laden apple tree…PIGGING OUT! There were so many apples, why they were bonking him in the head!

He was in HOG HEAVEN! That PORKER!!POTD_9_28_15_2…having a HOG WILD time of it!!!…POTD_9_28_15_3It took love poems…POTD_9_28_15_5and flowers to draw him away…

…finally back home…while Cam Newton was scoring one touchdown after another…Deoji exhausted himself trying to score just one Fig Newton…POTD_9_28_15_7Oh MY D.O.G.!! Another chomp attack on your sack??

Maybe I should not have invited you back?

…and for curious minds (see yesterday’s post)…Recluse Man won the bet!

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