I feel like a kid who wants to go out and play despite how rainy and wet it is and has been for days and nobody knows where the sun is or when it will ever come back so I might as well go out and stomp in some big mud puddles and maybe shout at the top of my lungs COME BACK SUNSHINE!!!!

Maybe I will look like my Photo of the Day. Meet Zoom. In a sense, he rained on me….POTD_9_29_15_1In reality, Zoom was homeless when I took him in as a kitten. And crawling with fleas. This was his very first bath. I think it was also his last.

He turned out to be beautiful!POTD_9_29_15_Zoom-cat


Our local weatherman said he’s never known it to rain here for 80 hours straight. That was a few days ago. I wouldn’t say it’s been raining ‘cats and dogs’ …more like … ‘salamanders and minnows.’

Maybe I won’t go outside to stomp in puddles and shout at the invisible sun. Maybe I’ll just stay inside and take a hot bubble bath and eat cookies and watch a scary movie with my pig.




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