So I met up with some new girlfriends today…some Paso Fino chicks.

Bad girls…they are!!!

Mares gone wild on the farm…woo hoo…love that wild-eyed crazy-look!

For Photo of the Day…from Janet & Anthony’s Paso Fino farm…

POTD_15_10_11_POTD_1PasosFall Fever!!


It’s a rainy day here.

College football coming up.

Things are peaceful on the farm.

Or at least they were before I discovered Recluse Man behaving strangely.

I found him singing Purple Rain in the shower of our Mini-Whinny.

The shower he just turned into a riverbed.

May I present Photo of the Day…POTD_10_10_15_RM_SHOWER

Life is good and freeky.




For Photo of the Day may I present ‘Moondust’…flipping out over flip flops….

Faceup the flippin’ feline

is floppin’ over the flip flops.

But frankly her flabby floppiness

makes it farcical to flip

before a flop…

…especially if there is flatulence.

Don’t be foiled by this fatty floozy…

she flaunts her feline foot fetish

…before every Friday Night Fish Fry.


Photo of the Day I own in every respect.

I left the gate unlatched to their stall and the Pips went AWOL.

Dang. How many times have I done that? Forgit it. I don’t have enough fingers.

Sometimes a little magic happens during the most routine of break-outs. I never know. And..umm… I’ve had lots of experience.

If it doesn’t look like total chaos, most often I’ve got my Nikon in hand before I’m out the door. Forget the lead ropes and halters. Let me do a little spying and sneaking around before the round-up begins.

From yesterday’s spying-before-the-round-up-efforts, may I present Photo of the Day…I think I’ll call this…

Absent With Our Leaves
Aren’t they just so innocent? Like they belong right there?


Gotta’s starting to look spectacular around here.

All the ‘finger-leaves’ painting on shades of fall.

Pips were hip to it.

Even if they were facing the wrong way…

Wait-a-minute…that’s exactly the right way!

Now git along lil ponkey!


Photo of the Day comes in three parts…

If yer gonna talk the talk…10_07_15_DOG_2 DOG in puddle

…ya might as well walk the walk…

…all the way home to your flock…POTD_10_07_15_DOG_in_puddle

(Already I can hear Recluse Man saying…”What The Flock?”)


When I moved to my farm seven years ago, one of the first things I did was stock my pond with koi. Maybe ‘stock’ is not the right word. I carefully selected a dozen koi, and paid good money by the way, to have the honor of offering these enchanting fish a home in my pond.

This is not unlike buying young royalty. Ask Japanese buyers who have paid anywhere from $60,000 to $2,000,000 for the most prized of royal koi.

Sheesh! Mine are tramps compared to such distinguished royals.

Still, I delight in my koi. They glide around the pond as if they own it. They behave like teenagers cruising the strip. They are beauty pageant contestants of all colors and sizes. They are zenned out in a watery bliss.

I love to toss food out and watch as they slowly glide to the surface with their huge fish-lips sucking each individual morsel down the hatch. Guuul-lup. A minute later another…guuul-lup.

They are slow. They are deliberate. And they are lovely. Sadly, I haven’t one left from the original bunch.

Bad things happen. Like great blue herons, kingfishers, raccoons and snakes. I have even wondered about snapping turtles, after I met one in the pond.

Yesterday started off horribly on the farm. First thing in the morning, I found two koi dead and half-eaten. It appeared to be wasteful carnage. But I am not Mother Nature. There were only chomps in the bellies, with heads and bodies still intact.

Losing one is misery. Losing two equals devastation. Especially since these two went way back.

For Photo of the Day…in memoriam…here are the lovelies I am so missing…POTD_10_06_koi1

I believe koi understand friendship. These two swam side by side so often. Maybe that was their downfall. I’m thinking a raccoon got them as they dozed overnight in the pussy willows.POTD_10_06_koi2

On the bright side…we are anticipating and watching for, the ‘coming out’ of the new guys.

About a month ago, Recluse Man and I visited the Mountain City, TN high school, where they have an FFA program that includes a greenhouse full of fish tanks. The students are in an aquatic program that in addition to the koi, includes raising tilapia for local restaurants, and growing aquatic plants.

That’s where we get our koi each year. And it always seems they disappear for awhile as soon as we release them. It might take a year before the new kids join the bad boys cruising the strip.

We bought four new koi this year (for $175!) and we wish them well. Like…really well!

Recluse Man and I have both had sightings. We’re not talkin’ Elvis. Oh No. We’re talkin’ Koi-Boys.

Here are some photos from our recent visit to the aquatic center at the Mountain City High School. It’s mesmerizing and tough to decide who to pick…and I got dizzy photographing them in wavy reflections and wanted them all…POTD_10_06_koi3…until…Baby?…who’s buying??POTD_10_06_koi5 Koi MC, TNWe consulted first, then told the teacher who we wanted…class begins!POTD_10_06_koi5 Koi MC, TNFish Rodeo!!!POTD_10_06_koi6 Koi MC, TNWe want THAT ONE!!POTD_10_06_koi7 Koi MC, TNWhat a great program for the students.  Here they are in front of a tilapia tank gone wild…POTD_10_06_koi8 Koi MC, TNAnd here is Recluse Man back home before he releases our new lovelies…POTD_10_06_koi9 Koi MC, TNBEST WISHES TO OUR NEW FISHES!!!


Photo of the Day comes with a little conversation I overheard….POTD_10_05_15_1Grayson (natural brown pony on right)…”What has happened to my honkey ponkey?…my lil sugar-booger? dream cream bean? You look like a two-tone low rider! I must search now to nibble the honkey in the ponkey!”

POTD_10_05_15_3Pockets (dirty white ponkey on the left)…”Don’t call me your HONKEY PONKEY!!! Ima WONKEY…and Ima FONKEY..but I ain’t yer HONKEY PONKEY!”

POTD_10_05_15_2That was all I heard.

Personally, I think they break-up just so they can make-up.

PHOTO OF THE DAY – PIG IN A PUDDLE – October 4, 2015

It’s very apparent, after ten days of rain, I am in the late stages of cabin fever. That’s when the hallucinations begin. That’s when I want to do weird things, like make peace with the rain and mud and puddles.

And this is what happens…POTD_10_4_15_1I might as well call this PIG OF THE DAY.

Is he laughing at me?

Is there really a pig in the puddle?

Or is it just me?


Like I said…all I wanted to do was make peace with the puddles…POTD_10_4_15_2

PHOTO OF THE DAY – ART IN THE PARK – October 3, 2015

On this rainy Saturday, may I present a Freeky Foto of the Day for you. Freeky, because I didn’t really make it.  My surveillance camera did…POTD_10_3_15_AG1

This happens to be a guy I KNOW, trying to steal a photo of D.O.G. the rasta pig, at the last Blowing Rock Art In The Park I attended. He is trying to stuff it down his dang shirt with John Lennon Imagining Peace on it. Clearly he is not aware of my hidden camera.

I signed up last year to do the monthly art festival, Blowing Rock Art in the Park (NC), all summer season. Today was the last one and I’ve gotta admit, I am soooo glad I didn’t have to go. My surveillance camera broke. Plus it’s a soggy-damn-mess outside. You would have to be crazy to go out and buy art in this weather…and even crazier to wait for that crazy person to show up to buy your crazy art.

This is how it should be…lovely weather…a lil kid groovin’ on my cards…no thieves in sight…then a bus load of women unloads and they go directly to my booth to buy, buy, buy…yes!POTD_10_3_15_AG8

Still, I miss seeing my friend Alan. Hell, he’s probably out there. Without an umbrella.

Let’s look at some more from the hidden camera…what a riot…

…here Alan is making calculations in his head…will it fit?…POTD_10_3_15_AG2-1

…now WHAT THE HECK is he thinking???…POTD_10_3_15_AG3

This was EXACTLY the MOMENT I busted him…POTD_10_3_15_AG4“Hey I thought you were going to bring D.O.G.” he said. “Everybody else brings their dogs.” Ha. Ha. Ha. He pretended to be scratching his neck with the corner of the mat.

I said, “Kindly let me wrap this up for you.” Notice I’ve got a tight grip on the piece because he still hasn’t settled up…POTD_10_3_15_AG5

He finally paid and thought it was miraculous I had a Square to read his credit card. Alan is so  paleo-retro. His wife took these photos. She’s really sweet. I wonder if she has any clue. I would be on daily moonshine if I were married to him…POTD_10_3_15_AG6

Seriously, it was a great compliment to have a most-talented artist and friend have such a deep desire for my photo of D.O.G the pig.

Desire matters.

But money counts.

Or is it the other way around?

Of course I will never forget…Alan was the matchmaker who saw to it that D.O.G ended up with me. I would have given him the dang photo if he hadn’t stirred up trouble to begin with.

Then to top it all off…as he was leaving my booth…he turned around to look at me and at the top of his lungs he shouted…”I LOVE THAT PIG!” POTD_10_3_15_AG7-1

I was so flustered and mortified, I yelled back….”I LOVE YOU TOO!”

Then I realized how ridiculous that sounded, and scurried away to hide in my booth.

As it turned out, that was the best Art in the Park I ever had.

And this is what I went home to…POTD_10_3_15_AG9

I need one of those today…and a pot o’ gold…and a cracklin’ fire.

I wonder if Alan is out in the rain. That ole Fart in the Park.


We are in for buckets of rain this weekend. Matter of fact, ‘they’ are saying three to five inches per bucket. How can this be? Waaa-Keen?!!

I can think of the perfect rhyme for their bucket…and it ain’t muck-it.

(I’m warning’s a rainy, rhymey day…better suck it up buttercup.)

This forecast worries me, coming as it is after a solid week of rain. In preparation, I had Recluse Man help me fortify the barn yesterday, with tarps over the doors and new ground trenches for the run-off in the paddock area.

While we were working, Pockets tried her own version of a run-off…with one of the tarps. That fonkey-wonkey-ponkey. It took the Pips no time at all to realize there is plenty of room to enter and exit the stalls without the boogey-tarp-monster attacking them. On occasion, it helps to be small…and mighty.

Gypsy was another case. I could tell she had not gone in either stall all night long. This morning there were still carrots in her feed trough and strategic piles of poop just outside her favorite breakfast stall.

As soon as I showed up, she pooped again. And after I fed everyone inside and started mucking outside, with Gypsy refusing to go in for breakfast, she pooped one more time. She’s such a mare, I swear.

Mind you, she’ll turn her ample buttocks around to poop in my direction, while swinging her head back around so she can make sure I’m getting the message.

I know she holds her poop. Just waiting to give me the scoop. Keep me in the loop.

(I warned you..buttercup)

So what does all this have to do with my kitty Moondust??…who happens to be my Photo of the Day?

Absolutely nothing.

Except that when I came up from the barn all dirty, and tired of mud and poop and rain, Moondust looked so peaceful and clean, all curled up in a ball of contentment on the couch.

I wanted to be her. I wanted to be all clean like that and in that dreamy state of mind when catching the mouse is the only thing that counts….POTD_10_02_15_1

(warning again…bad poetry ahead…unedited no less)

Rain or shine…

snow or sleet…

that Moondust of mine…

stays off her feet….

except to dine…

or eat a treat…

she is in recline…

like a bucket seat…

without a spine…

kinda like dead meat…

the sweet kitty Moondust…so divine…

she da cat … BIG ON SWEET