PHOTO OF THE DAY – A GREAT RIDE – October 15, 2015

Boy oh boy…have I got a great photo of the day story for you.

But…too bad…not today.

See I met these cool red beetles this afternoon and wanted to share them with you. But by the time I finished editing the photos and started learning about their fascinating and lustful behavior, it was getting late. Yet I couldn’t stop reading. I was hooked on bug porn.

Then YIKES! It’s nearly 8:30. Thursday Night Football is coming up. And not just any TNF..but the Saints playing the Falcons!!! In New Orleans!!


Tomorrow will be a beetle day.

For today…let me share a photo from a very fine day exactly seven years ago…08_10_16_riding_AllieI am without a doubt a lucky girl. I made this photograph the first fall I lived on the farm, while I was riding with some new girlfriends.

I remember having to pinch myself to make sure it was real.

Every time I reach this spot on the trail I am just as bowled over by the beauty, as I was then.

OK…now on to some FOOTBALL!!!

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