I could not believe my eyes.

There on the only apple tree on this entire farm that I personally planted, were apple blossoms. Hello tree? It’s October 1st…may I ask what in the world of apples you are doing?

If this is a funny farm joke…ya got me good.

Such craziness I can’t let go of. So I googled apple tree blossoms in the fall…and… and…bought a book with the same title from Abe’s! I love ending up on a totally different path than I started on. Especially if it means finding a good book to read. It’s only annoying if I can’t remember the original path…then I wonder about middle-age dementia and then often I forget what the last several paths were, while I’m worrying so much.

Then I take a nap.

Now what was I saying?

Oh yeah. After I bought The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall (by Armineh Helen Ohanian), I returned to my original path and learned one apple tree branch will put out six blossoms; five in an outer circle and one in the center called the KING BLOOM. The king blooms are first to open and once they are pollinated, the apples that grow from them are usually larger than the rest.


For Photo of the day…may I present apple tree blossoms in the fall…a specialty it seems…on the funny farm….

Unfortunately, MY KING BLOOM CRUMPLED! It is the one that looks like a used kleenex behind the front blossom…

The king withered before the other blossoms fully bloomed. Dang king. Perhaps his pistil was shooting blanks.

Aside from this one branch, the rest of the tree is right on cue.

This is an heirloom apple tree that originated in Scotland …POTD_10_01_15_2

(I am so glad you didn’t ask for the name)

Though it won’t win any awards for beauty, the fruit is mighty tasty…POTD_10_01_15_3especially…POTD_10_01_15_4when…POTD_10_01_15_5it…POTD_10_01_15_7is…POTD_10_01_15_6ripe!POTD_10_01_15_8Does this mean I will have apples in March?

Holy Flamin’ Stamens!

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