PHOTO OF THE DAY – ART IN THE PARK – October 3, 2015

On this rainy Saturday, may I present a Freeky Foto of the Day for you. Freeky, because I didn’t really make it.  My surveillance camera did…POTD_10_3_15_AG1

This happens to be a guy I KNOW, trying to steal a photo of D.O.G. the rasta pig, at the last Blowing Rock Art In The Park I attended. He is trying to stuff it down his dang shirt with John Lennon Imagining Peace on it. Clearly he is not aware of my hidden camera.

I signed up last year to do the monthly art festival, Blowing Rock Art in the Park (NC), all summer season. Today was the last one and I’ve gotta admit, I am soooo glad I didn’t have to go. My surveillance camera broke. Plus it’s a soggy-damn-mess outside. You would have to be crazy to go out and buy art in this weather…and even crazier to wait for that crazy person to show up to buy your crazy art.

This is how it should be…lovely weather…a lil kid groovin’ on my cards…no thieves in sight…then a bus load of women unloads and they go directly to my booth to buy, buy, buy…yes!POTD_10_3_15_AG8

Still, I miss seeing my friend Alan. Hell, he’s probably out there. Without an umbrella.

Let’s look at some more from the hidden camera…what a riot…

…here Alan is making calculations in his head…will it fit?…POTD_10_3_15_AG2-1

…now WHAT THE HECK is he thinking???…POTD_10_3_15_AG3

This was EXACTLY the MOMENT I busted him…POTD_10_3_15_AG4“Hey I thought you were going to bring D.O.G.” he said. “Everybody else brings their dogs.” Ha. Ha. Ha. He pretended to be scratching his neck with the corner of the mat.

I said, “Kindly let me wrap this up for you.” Notice I’ve got a tight grip on the piece because he still hasn’t settled up…POTD_10_3_15_AG5

He finally paid and thought it was miraculous I had a Square to read his credit card. Alan is so  paleo-retro. His wife took these photos. She’s really sweet. I wonder if she has any clue. I would be on daily moonshine if I were married to him…POTD_10_3_15_AG6

Seriously, it was a great compliment to have a most-talented artist and friend have such a deep desire for my photo of D.O.G the pig.

Desire matters.

But money counts.

Or is it the other way around?

Of course I will never forget…Alan was the matchmaker who saw to it that D.O.G ended up with me. I would have given him the dang photo if he hadn’t stirred up trouble to begin with.

Then to top it all off…as he was leaving my booth…he turned around to look at me and at the top of his lungs he shouted…”I LOVE THAT PIG!” POTD_10_3_15_AG7-1

I was so flustered and mortified, I yelled back….”I LOVE YOU TOO!”

Then I realized how ridiculous that sounded, and scurried away to hide in my booth.

As it turned out, that was the best Art in the Park I ever had.

And this is what I went home to…POTD_10_3_15_AG9

I need one of those today…and a pot o’ gold…and a cracklin’ fire.

I wonder if Alan is out in the rain. That ole Fart in the Park.

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