PHOTO OF THE DAY – EWES TALKIN’ TO ME? – October 24, 2015

Photo of the Day…from Allie’s sheep farm three days ago…


Baaaah Haaaa Baaaah!!!

Pardon me…but I grew up in upstate NY, where ‘ewes’ sorta sounded the same as ‘youse’ and sorta meant the same… (ie…plural of you).

That is…until the ‘youse’ and the ‘ewes’ got tangled up in bad farm jokes.

Those old jokes…they were a fleecing!


Collectively the ‘ewes’  and ‘youse’ decided they needed a little more self-respect …no more bleating around the bush!

I am who I ram!

I totally respect the sheep outta that.

Here’s to… Ewes…and Youse …and Ewes.

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