PHOTO OF THE DAY – October 27, (a day late), 2015

I missed yesterday’s POTD deadline. There was rain and wind and loss of internet and grumbles. Lots of grumbles.

I grumble a lot over rain blowing sideways and things going airborne off the deck.

I have horrible thoughts of the ponkey blowing to Kansas….along with her sidekick… and a barking dog or two.

Not so much D.O.G. His low center of gravity would never get his chops to Kansas. Not even to Mountain City, Tennessee. Good thang, since there’s a world famous BBQ joint there.

I had a very dramatic photo picked out yesterday, but then I wrote horrible things. Maybe not horrible, but the text was full of dark and sinister remarks and I started to see vampires in the photo.

I wrote it and felt like I had made a witches brew. I told Recluse Man I needed a nap and to wake me so I could read the post with a fresh outlook.

He did. I read it alright. And headed straight to the Talenti ice cream. And that was all she wrote.

That was yesterday. Today I looked back at that photo…and saw the drama, and fear of wind and rain, and vampires.

But then, as I was reading the text, the sun popped. I jumped out of my chair and chased the Pips around the pasture….with Gypsy in the lead. We hooped and hollered and got mud-splattered.

The gloomy feelings went away and I looked again at the photo from yesterday.

What’s the big spooky deal????…POTD_15_10_27_stormy_cloud-2

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