PHOTO OF THE DAY – TATER TOT – October 16, 2015

For Photo of the Day…let me explain…

It’s been a funky day for me. My last art festival is tomorrow (Valle Cruces Country Fair in NC) and I have wanted to do everything but get ready for it.

I visited the red milkweed beetles four times today. I prepped seven different photos to post for POTD. I took the dogs for a hike. I paid bills. Finally I set up my booth and got some dinner.

And now I have chosen a funky photo that never made the cut in the tent tomorrow.

Still…I like it. Put yourself in a funky mood and meet Tator Tot…POTD_15_10_16_TATER_TOTHe comes with a bad poem…sorry.

do tell me not…

by gosh.

has lil Tater Tot

peed on the squash?

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