Yesterday was the big Valle Country Fair, in Valle Crucis, NC. It’s a top-notch arts and crafts, rural farm festival I’ve been attending the last four years.

Vendor spaces are revered. I’ve heard stories about a mighty year when it snowed sideways and vendors were called the day before to be reminded if they did not show up, next year’s space would not be guaranteed. Vendors showed up and most had a great day. The crowds are that dedicated.

At every market or festival I’ve attended, there is almost always something a little out of the ordinary that happens…things like a big sale, or a sale that leads to a photo shoot, or making a new friend or reuniting with an old friend, or discovering a brand new image is a big hit….now that’s the best.

Nothing BIG happened yesterday. It was a good, but not spectacular day overall. If it’s not a BIG day, there are always the LITTLE things that happen that make me smile and often overshadow the BIG things on a BIG day.

The one thing that’s a given…and the reason I do art festivals…is the feedback. Through art festivals, I see first hand which images resonate with people. I get instant, spontaneous response. After I set up my two big greeting card stands, I take delight in seeing people’s reaction to my Animal Garden Shop cards. It’s a treasured learning experience and it makes me feel really good to see when I’ve sparked some laughter.

I am so often surprised by who-picks-what when it comes to greeting cards. Yesterday did not disappoint.

I rarely make photos during an art show, but this encounter I had to document.

I sell greeting cards individually at $3.50 or three for $10. People love the three-fors.

So here comes this kid with his mom. They’re doing a three-for. She’s picked out her card. The kid has picked one and has one to go. So the red-headed kid picks one more and mom is like…NUH UH…NOT THAT ONE…BETTER PUT THAT ONE BACK!!!

See Photo of the Day…POTD_15_10_17_kid1

If you saw yesterday’s post you might recognize this card…POTD_15_10_17_hooters

I’m sure the kid just liked owls and didn’t even know what a Hooters is. Or maybe he goes to Hooters everyday for happy hour. Or maybe he just likes mice on ice. Whatever…he really wanted that card. His first card pick was approved…POTD_15_10_17_kid5

Closer look…POTD_15_10_17_rednekI thought that was real cute…the kid being a red-head and all. So maybe he’s a redneck? Fine by me. My nephew is a redneck and I love him. And he’s not nearly as cute.

Besides…look at what mom picked…notice the red-headed kid’s approval rating…POTD_15_10_17_kid3Let’s take a closer look…POTD_15_10_17_menage

Hey mom…what’s a little happy hour after a menage á tree???

The kid held firm..POTD_15_10_17_kid2He was proud of his choice….POTD_15_10_17_kid4Til dang…Mom overruled…POTD_15_10_17_kid6…and he ended up with a silly goat…POTD_15_10_17_Mona_Lisa

Maybe Mona Lisa hangs out a Hooters?

Love me a feisty red-headed kid.

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