PHOTO OF THE DAY – HAY YOU! – November 3, 2015

Lately it seems I have been moving a lot of hay….on the truck, off the truck, in the hayloft, out of the hayloft. Hay, hay hay.

We got rid of some dusty old bales today and will pick up some more hay tomorrow. It will be a big load as I just found out I will have another horse on the farm this winter. I won’t jinx this situation by sharing anymore just yet, but I am so tickled!!! I love being tickled. That is so opposite of feeling itchy in your britchys after a day of hay.

So with this in mind, I’m sharing some downright goofy photos of “Farmer Fred’ in my old studio. I wasn’t moving hay back then, but I remember having the ‘itchys’ in my studio from having hay find its way down my overalls. I learned then not to wear overalls when there’s hay involved. Damn hassle to get it out.

Here I am as a farmer before I became a farmer. I no longer wear shaving cream when there’s hay involved either…but a wig? Now that might work.

Hay you…here I am for your Photos of the Day…

POTD_15_11_03_2POTD_15_11_03_1I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU!!!

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