PHOTO OF THE DAY – INNER IMELDA – November 10, 2015

I’m starting to think D.O.G. the pig, has a bit of Imelda Marcos in his bloodlines….and here’s why.

I change shoes often throughout the day. It’s always a quick decision…like…going down to the barn in the mud? (muck boots)…. going for a hike with my girls? (hiking boots)… going to town for errands? (any shoes that are clean)…going to stay inside at the big Mac? (slippers).

No mind fuss. No shoe fuss. It is what it  is.

But the pigster? Oh My DOG! He has the hardest time making up his mind. And he doesn’t even wear shoes!!! I asked for his help once…but never again.

Here’s what happens….POTD_15_11_10_shoe_fetishThank you very much pigster…but could you fetch my cowboy boots from downstairs?

OK…I hear ya…you’re embracing your inner Imelda.

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