Some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, were during the two and a half years I delivered Meals on Wheels in Boone, NC. Although we were not supposed to dilly dally around or talk too much when we were doing our routes, I grew very fond of some of my folks.

During holidays when the kitchen was closed, I would surprise them with treats from the bakery. I mean really good treats. It was then that I could go at my own pace and sit down with my favorite peeps to share their wisdom and life stories.

I knew many of these elderlies depended on Meals on Wheels to receive one hot meal a day, even if they grumbled about the menu. Others would joke about the food and set it aside for ‘whenever’. Boy oh boy did those meals stink up my car. I never saw anyone so ravenous they’d tear right into their lunch.

Today I had a little déjà vu experience as Recluse Man and I moved truckloads of hay onto the farm. On our last load, we took a break and lookee who showed up for Meals on Wheels!!! I must say they had a no holds barred approach to lunch…those rascals.

For Photos of the Day…here are my latest Meals on Wheels recipients…POTD_15_11_04_1

They never complained about the menu…POTD_15_11_04_2

Nor did they want to make small talk or set their lunch aside…POTD_15_11_04_3

They didn’t even ask for dessert!POTD_15_11_04_4Bon Appétit you little Pips!


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