I never thought a pig could love Halloween so much.

Perhaps I’ve been prepping him without realizing it, for D.O.G. has gone from bullying me when I clean his dirty face, to really enjoying it. No beer necessary. So what’s a little make-up?

Still, D.O.G. surprised me with all the fun he was having as I worked on that big ole wrinkly face of his for Halloween.

He told me he wanted to be a ‘colorful character’ even though I insisted he was already one.

“How about some black and blue eyes?” he asked.

“I don’t even know where your eyes are,” I replied.

“How about you make me fly…I’ll be Pigasus!” (oh brother!)

“I’m afraid you’d never come back,” I told him wistfully.

“How about Frankenstein?”

“You have too many legs and you’re too much of a low rider.”

“How about Wilbur?”

“He’s not scary enough. You need to be frightening on Halloween. But I will give you Charlotte and her web if it makes you feel better.”

D.O.G. was starting to get a little oinkery.

I tried to joke around and suggested a Boar’s Head Ham, but he flipped me off in swine language.

I then suggested a little twist on The Rocky Horror Picture Show look.

“Yes! I will be a scary transvestite!” he exclaimed.

“Um…’scuse me? But how do you know about The Rocky Horror Picture Show?”

“Saw it every Friday night when I was a pig in the brig,” he grunted.

Almost certainly he was pulling my leg and I was not about to fall for it. Then too, some things are best left to the imagination.

Finally…our collaboration…which ended up looking more like Pigasus on rainbow dust after crash-landing at Homer Zuckerman’s farm.

Oh My D.O.G.!!!

“More glitter!” he squealed…POTD_15_11_02_2

“I need a hat!”POTD_15_11_02_4

“Let’s go trick or treating!”POTD_15_11_02_5

We didn’t get very far but we sure had a great time. D.O.G. ended up with enough treats to send him straight to hog heaven.

He loved his new pigmentation so much, he wanted it to last forever.

What a funny looking pig he was watching football with us yesterday. It didn’t matter who was playing, he was rootin’ for them the whole way as he pigged-out on his trick or treat stash.

Then surprise, surprise. This morning over coffee, and there’s D.O.G. at the dog door…still trick or treating!POTD_15_11_02_6That pigster is a smart chop and doesn’t understand why we call it a dog door if he can’t fit through it. But what a great trick it would be if he did!!POTD_15_11_02_7Recluse Man yelled, “No Tricks Today!” Then softened up and offered D.O.G. a few treats…POTD_15_11_02_8

D.O.G. looked at Recluse Man and said…

“Now how am I gonna get my chops through the door for my treats if you’re not gonna let me try my trick?”POTD_15_11_02_9

That pig is slick… but needs to realize Halloween is OVER!!!POTD_15_11_02_10Is it time for a little hogwash y’all???POTD_15_11_02_11

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    February 24, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    Just to let you know, I really do appreciate these Roundups – even if for now the comments are quiet. But I’m sure th2#ly8e17;&l pick up within at least a few weeks!


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