It finally happened. This day I’ve been waiting for. This stellar day. This unforgettable, magical, splendorific, day. This huge deposit made to my memory bank day.

This I-rode-Star-for-the-very-first-time day.

Yup. After first meeting this wild and scrawny two year old Saddlebred in early January 2015, then taking him on as a rescue project of sorts, then bringing him to the Funny Farm in December 2015 when Recluse Man bought him for me as a Christmas gift, then gentling him and getting him healthy and strong and acquainted with the ways of humans, then putting him in the hands of a great trainer for a month of lessons…today was the day I have been dreaming about. Today I climbed on that handsome boy of mine and rode him safely and assuredly for the very first time.

We walked and trotted and turned half circles and full circles and backed and stopped and did pretty side passes. And this was only the fifth time Star has had a rider aboard. The first four times, Star’s trainer Jim Frazier, rode him and in fact started him out today under saddle with only a halter and lead rope to guide him.

Despite his sometimes crazy and skittish Saddlebred ways, Star has been a remarkable student with a rider up. A quick study. He has a soft mouth and responds with great willingness to leg pressure. To get to this point wasn’t always easy. We worked doggedly together, the three of us, and now we’re here.

Ask me if I’ve been smiling.

Aaaah yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I knew you’d ask.

A very happy rider indeed…
Could it be that even Star is smiling?

Perhaps the happiest girl in the whole wide world. Me. Today. Yes.


  1. So so so happy for you, Freddie!! You and Star make quite a gorgeous pair. May you have many happy years and many pleasant rides together! ❤️

    • Thank You!!! Star is coming home on Monday and I am so very excited to continue our work at home. Meanwhile I had a great, long ride on him yesterday and will have another today. I’m in horse heaven!

  2. No one is happier in the world than you on the back of a horse, of course!!! I love seeing you happy like that and living your life. You make the horse-human bond most beautiful. Peak awesomeness!!!!!

    • Palomina!!! Yes…happiness abounds! It sure beats breaking my thumb on an ATV which is exactly what I was doing a year ago. I am soooo crazy about my red-headed boy, Star. He’ll be coming home tomorrow…yes!

  3. Ive just read ur time wth ur animals and mr recluse in the blue mountains and enjoyed every word and every photo i looked at.
    Keep smiling and enjoying ur life. I know its not always plain sailing esp in the depths of winter and no doubt the heat of summer. I wish u all well.

    • Hi Julie!
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts! I just opened my blog for the first time in ages. I’m thinking of starting it back up again. So much to share as the days go by way too fast. Even in the dead of winter. Yup.
      Stay well and thanks again…Freddie & tribe

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