Howdy Friends~

As I sit here writing this ‘ABOUT’ page, there is a pot-bellied pig sleeping at my feet. The front door is wide open, letting in a soft, summer breeze. Beyond, is a sweeping view of my pasture and somewhere out there are two horses, a pony, and a ponkey. Three dogs and two cats are snoozing on the porch. Recluse Man is busy finishing off a new deck he built.

I realize I’m intensely happy. Not always. But in this moment, I am a very happy, farm chick, photographer…living a big life in a little valley in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Freeka’s Funny Farm blog has its origins in Facebook. I found myself posting lots of humorous photographs as the years unfolded on the farm, and as I gradually created my Animal Garden Shop collection of photographs. (https://www.facebook.com/Animal-Garden-Shop-97950340027/)

As my tribe expanded, I felt there were too many good adventures not to share. It seemed only natural to start a farm blog filled with my own farm animal photographs and stories.

This is meant to be a humorous, photography blog. You won’t find any planting schedules, or instructions on building a barn, or canning beans.

What you will find are the exploits of the funny farm bunch, and beyond. You’ll see, I don’t take my role as ‘Princess of the Tribe’ very seriously. Right gang? (I pretty sure they call me Mother-Mucker behind my back.)

Now let’s meet the characters at Freeka’s Funny Farm…

First there’s Recluse Man, (sometimes known as Russell). He’s my love. He fixes killer pizzas and blueberry pies. He’s got a truck, a chainsaw, and a good strong back. He’s my Numero Uno farmhand. He’s more reclusive than I am! But that’s only part of why I’m smitten. He’s my best friend and the most gentle, loving, generous man I’ve ever known. We are fated to spend the rest of our days together, laughing over silly things.RM hay

Next up is our pot-bellied pig, D.O.G. (dee-OH-jee). The pigster has a shoe fetish, he loves beer on spa days, and watermelon, and belly rubs. He also likes to scare the crap out of people doing his ‘fake-chomps.’ D.O.G. and Recluse Man have a bromance going on. I try not to be jealous.pig_spa

Down at the barn is our matriarch, Gypsy. When the six-month-old Pips arrived, we renamed her Mama G. When Star showed up, he renamed her Hot Mama G. The Pips think she’s their mom. Star thinks she is one hot mama. I think she is one smart cookie. Her mischief always brings a chuckle. She is a mare after all.fg_108-copy

When my soulmate, Bentley, died in 2012, it left a big hole in my heart. He was my BFF horse, and I still miss him so. Three years later, Star came into my life at a farm nearby, in need of care. The longer I was around him, the more he reminded me of Bentley. In December 2015, I brought him to my farm for training. Two weeks later, Recluse Man bought Star for me as a Christmas present. He will always be the best present EVER for this farm chick!star-gift1-copy

How about those Pips? Here are Grayson and Pockets, the pony and ponkey Elizabeth bought at the annual pony round-up at Grayson Highlands State Park, in Virginia. Pockets is half pony, half donkey, but PALEEZE don’t call her a mule. She is a PONKEY! And a real comedian. Grayson plays the straight guy, while Pockets makes us nearly pee our pants with laughter.hollywood

Meet the black madonnas, Lily and Jessie-Linguini. Lily is mostly border collie, Jess is part lab and pit bull. They are two of my best friends ever. I think they would be very content if there were no horses, or cats, or a pig, or a boyfriend…or a third dog…for heaven’s sake! That said, they get heaps of love and attention. If only they could sleep on the bed with me like old times.fg_172

Who’s the third dog? Meet Toots. I took her in after my elderly half-sister passed. Toots was already ten and set in her ways. She’s a barker with an amazing sense of selective hearing. Does anyone want a dog? Fooling. We’ve all grown fond of Toots, even if she could care less.toots6-copy

I’ve had Moondust longer than anyone else in my tribe. I scooped her off the side of a deserted, country road in 2006, all full of fleas and mites. Her ears were sunburned and she was very weak and thin. She sat in my lap and purred the whole way home. Never looked back. Learned the good life. Grew a big belly. Her wish is my command. (I opened the door seconds after this frame)fg_068-2

And last, but certainly not least, my Blue. He was on death row at our local animal control. I was out there making photos for various rescue groups. I knew Blue didn’t stand a chance. People want cute kittens. He was nine years old with a cauliflower ear, but there was something about his ‘zen’ presence that grabbed my heart. He’s turned out to be the most loving and trusting cat I’ve ever had.fg_0038-2

Of course there’s me…Princess of the Tribe. I have a long history of loving horses and riding naked. FOOLING!!! I do NOT ride naked. Well maybe topless. Soon you will learn not to believe every-damn-thing I say. Good luck.scan-2

Yours from the Funny Farm…Freeka