Yesterday was the big Valle Country Fair, in Valle Crucis, NC. It’s a top-notch arts and crafts, rural farm festival I’ve been attending the last four years.

Vendor spaces are revered. I’ve heard stories about a mighty year when it snowed sideways and vendors were called the day before to be reminded if they did not show up, next year’s space would not be guaranteed. Vendors showed up and most had a great day. The crowds are that dedicated.

At every market or festival I’ve attended, there is almost always something a little out of the ordinary that happens…things like a big sale, or a sale that leads to a photo shoot, or making a new friend or reuniting with an old friend, or discovering a brand new image is a big hit….now that’s the best.

Nothing BIG happened yesterday. It was a good, but not spectacular day overall. If it’s not a BIG day, there are always the LITTLE things that happen that make me smile and often overshadow the BIG things on a BIG day.

The one thing that’s a given…and the reason I do art festivals…is the feedback. Through art festivals, I see first hand which images resonate with people. I get instant, spontaneous response. After I set up my two big greeting card stands, I take delight in seeing people’s reaction to my Animal Garden Shop cards. It’s a treasured learning experience and it makes me feel really good to see when I’ve sparked some laughter.

I am so often surprised by who-picks-what when it comes to greeting cards. Yesterday did not disappoint.

I rarely make photos during an art show, but this encounter I had to document.

I sell greeting cards individually at $3.50 or three for $10. People love the three-fors.

So here comes this kid with his mom. They’re doing a three-for. She’s picked out her card. The kid has picked one and has one to go. So the red-headed kid picks one more and mom is like…NUH UH…NOT THAT ONE…BETTER PUT THAT ONE BACK!!!

See Photo of the Day…POTD_15_10_17_kid1

If you saw yesterday’s post you might recognize this card…POTD_15_10_17_hooters

I’m sure the kid just liked owls and didn’t even know what a Hooters is. Or maybe he goes to Hooters everyday for happy hour. Or maybe he just likes mice on ice. Whatever…he really wanted that card. His first card pick was approved…POTD_15_10_17_kid5

Closer look…POTD_15_10_17_rednekI thought that was real cute…the kid being a red-head and all. So maybe he’s a redneck? Fine by me. My nephew is a redneck and I love him. And he’s not nearly as cute.

Besides…look at what mom picked…notice the red-headed kid’s approval rating…POTD_15_10_17_kid3Let’s take a closer look…POTD_15_10_17_menage

Hey mom…what’s a little happy hour after a menage á tree???

The kid held firm..POTD_15_10_17_kid2He was proud of his choice….POTD_15_10_17_kid4Til dang…Mom overruled…POTD_15_10_17_kid6…and he ended up with a silly goat…POTD_15_10_17_Mona_Lisa

Maybe Mona Lisa hangs out a Hooters?

Love me a feisty red-headed kid.

PHOTO OF THE DAY – HOOTERS – October 17, 2015

I am pooped.

Too pooped to share a big scoop with my troops.

Although I have one that is a real hoot.

It’s all about something that tickled me at the art festival today.

That had everything to do with this card…


…and a red-headed boy.

There’s your Photo of the Day.

See ya tomorrow.

PHOTO OF THE DAY – TATER TOT – October 16, 2015

For Photo of the Day…let me explain…

It’s been a funky day for me. My last art festival is tomorrow (Valle Cruces Country Fair in NC) and I have wanted to do everything but get ready for it.

I visited the red milkweed beetles four times today. I prepped seven different photos to post for POTD. I took the dogs for a hike. I paid bills. Finally I set up my booth and got some dinner.

And now I have chosen a funky photo that never made the cut in the tent tomorrow.

Still…I like it. Put yourself in a funky mood and meet Tator Tot…POTD_15_10_16_TATER_TOTHe comes with a bad poem…sorry.

do tell me not…

by gosh.

has lil Tater Tot

peed on the squash?

PHOTO OF THE DAY – ART IN THE PARK – October 3, 2015

On this rainy Saturday, may I present a Freeky Foto of the Day for you. Freeky, because I didn’t really make it.  My surveillance camera did…POTD_10_3_15_AG1

This happens to be a guy I KNOW, trying to steal a photo of D.O.G. the rasta pig, at the last Blowing Rock Art In The Park I attended. He is trying to stuff it down his dang shirt with John Lennon Imagining Peace on it. Clearly he is not aware of my hidden camera.

I signed up last year to do the monthly art festival, Blowing Rock Art in the Park (NC), all summer season. Today was the last one and I’ve gotta admit, I am soooo glad I didn’t have to go. My surveillance camera broke. Plus it’s a soggy-damn-mess outside. You would have to be crazy to go out and buy art in this weather…and even crazier to wait for that crazy person to show up to buy your crazy art.

This is how it should be…lovely weather…a lil kid groovin’ on my cards…no thieves in sight…then a bus load of women unloads and they go directly to my booth to buy, buy, buy…yes!POTD_10_3_15_AG8

Still, I miss seeing my friend Alan. Hell, he’s probably out there. Without an umbrella.

Let’s look at some more from the hidden camera…what a riot…

…here Alan is making calculations in his head…will it fit?…POTD_10_3_15_AG2-1

…now WHAT THE HECK is he thinking???…POTD_10_3_15_AG3

This was EXACTLY the MOMENT I busted him…POTD_10_3_15_AG4“Hey I thought you were going to bring D.O.G.” he said. “Everybody else brings their dogs.” Ha. Ha. Ha. He pretended to be scratching his neck with the corner of the mat.

I said, “Kindly let me wrap this up for you.” Notice I’ve got a tight grip on the piece because he still hasn’t settled up…POTD_10_3_15_AG5

He finally paid and thought it was miraculous I had a Square to read his credit card. Alan is so  paleo-retro. His wife took these photos. She’s really sweet. I wonder if she has any clue. I would be on daily moonshine if I were married to him…POTD_10_3_15_AG6

Seriously, it was a great compliment to have a most-talented artist and friend have such a deep desire for my photo of D.O.G the pig.

Desire matters.

But money counts.

Or is it the other way around?

Of course I will never forget…Alan was the matchmaker who saw to it that D.O.G ended up with me. I would have given him the dang photo if he hadn’t stirred up trouble to begin with.

Then to top it all off…as he was leaving my booth…he turned around to look at me and at the top of his lungs he shouted…”I LOVE THAT PIG!” POTD_10_3_15_AG7-1

I was so flustered and mortified, I yelled back….”I LOVE YOU TOO!”

Then I realized how ridiculous that sounded, and scurried away to hide in my booth.

As it turned out, that was the best Art in the Park I ever had.

And this is what I went home to…POTD_10_3_15_AG9

I need one of those today…and a pot o’ gold…and a cracklin’ fire.

I wonder if Alan is out in the rain. That ole Fart in the Park.