For PHOTO OF THE DAY, I have chosen an image I made back in May at Landmark Farm Alpacas, in Grassy Creek, NC.

You are now face to face with an alpaca telling you it is National Alpaca Farm Days…dummy! Today and tomorrow. Go hug an alpaca!!! No wait…better not…don’t want to get spit on.

What a hoot…those alpacas. They’re terribly curious, yet shy at the same time. What I found most entertaining about alpacas is how they eat. They are ruminants, like sheep and cows, who chew their cud.

An alpaca will chew roughage with its jaws swinging left-right, left-right, in a figure eight motion. Just like you did as a kid before your mama scolded you. When I was at the farm in May, the alpacas had just been shaved. Their necks looked so long and skinny, I could clearly see them swallow.

It went something like this…chew, chew, chew your cud…you little spud. Then swallow…and whoa..looks like a projectile elevator going straight down that long neck to the stomach chambers. Ahhh. But then wait a sec…here comes the projectile elevator zipping right back up to unload in the mouth. More figure eights…chew, chew, chew…down the gullet express…pause…regurgitate and back up we go…repeat as often as needed. I was laughing my ass off watching this. Farm chick humor!! But that’s a ruminant for ya. They are highly efficient eaters. Two to three bales a month per alpaca is all  it takes. Not to be french kissed.

And forget about petting an alpaca. That is so not their thing. Paleeze!

They are best for observing and they don’t seem to mind a bit if you watch them eat.

It’s National Alpaca Farm Days! Landmark Farm Alpacas, here in the northwestern corner of NC, is open to visitors all weekend, as are many alpaca farms across the country.

So watcha’ think? Alpaca ya off to the farm????