It’s been a very full and wonderful week. I am so pooped I just want to…

Now for another piece of that watermelon. See ya tomorrow.



It’s been raining nearly all day on the funny farm. Perfect time to catch up on some indoor stuff.

I made a list on paper and also in my head, of all the things I wanted to accomplish today. On paper were more business oriented matters. In my head were things like wash the windows, yoga, color my hair, wash windows, laundry, wash the damn windows.

I checked off all the biz ‘to-do’ items…had a wonderful yoga session…laundry is folded and stashed…and the most colorful part?…my hair. It was long overdue as I kept seeing in recent photos of me. Slashes of bleached out highlights under mousy brown and gray roots with white around the temples. Stringy-sparse-bean-stalk hair. That’s what was on my head. It was time for some fixin’.

No doubt you will be seeing more of my real hair in future posts. Today I’d like to share a photo that better depicts what I see in my mind, growing from my head.

For Photo of the Day, I’ve picked one from my Animal Garden Shop collection. I am the eggplant on the left with my new yellow string bean hair.

(Please note…that is not even close to my real nose. I ain’t lyin’.)

On the right is Recluse Man, with an expression almost identical in real life when he saw my new hair. His hair is pretty right-on too, if only the color of cauliflower.

POTD_15_11_07I’m thinking rainy days bring out the strange in me. Do other girls identify with eggplants flaunting yellow string beans and do they see their boyfriends as gourd-guys with radish eyes?

I’m thinking not. But I betcha they’re windows are clean.

PHOTO OF THE DAY – TATER TOT – October 16, 2015

For Photo of the Day…let me explain…

It’s been a funky day for me. My last art festival is tomorrow (Valle Cruces Country Fair in NC) and I have wanted to do everything but get ready for it.

I visited the red milkweed beetles four times today. I prepped seven different photos to post for POTD. I took the dogs for a hike. I paid bills. Finally I set up my booth and got some dinner.

And now I have chosen a funky photo that never made the cut in the tent tomorrow.

Still…I like it. Put yourself in a funky mood and meet Tator Tot…POTD_15_10_16_TATER_TOTHe comes with a bad poem…sorry.

do tell me not…

by gosh.

has lil Tater Tot

peed on the squash?

PHOTO OF THE DAY – BIG YELLOW MATER – September 18, 2015

I have a thing for big, fat, weird tomatoes…the kind you can only find at a good farmers’ market. They jump out at me, calling my name….”freeeeeekaaaaaa…take me home with youuuuuu…shooooooot meeee…eeeat meeee….paleeeeeeezzzzzzzze.”

Sometimes they’re just so ugly…I mean really, really ugly…I gotta save ’em. Sometimes they’re just so gigundus-humungous…I know if I don’t take ’em home, I won’t believe myself the next day. Other times, they’re just so kinky, I am beside myself. Anatomical protrusions…like…tomato weenies…bellybuttons…nipples…butts and such…right there for the squeezing. Do other people blush at farmers’ markets? Are you out there?

Back in my own farmers’ market vendor days, my friends were famous for giving me porno maters. They’d track me down and be so proud to gift me with their kinky ole mater. Of course I never let them go to waste. Unh Unh. Whether I photographed them or not, they ended up under the knife. That’s right Lorena Bobbitt…move over.

Today’s PHOTO OF THE DAY is not kinky. (How did I get on that anyway?) It is simply the biggest, most voluptuous and curvaceous, yellow tomato I’ve ever seen…giving herself a hug. I found her last Saturday at the market and brought her home gently, in two hands. I set her on a bed of fresh garden basil, and gave her a marigold to hug. Then I made her portrait. In my humble opinion, she was one of the most well-rounded, happiest maters I’ve ever met….FG_031_POTD4

Here’s what she looked like alone in a hug…FG_007…but I gave her lots to hug…FG_026She was a tomato to remember for all time, from top to bottom…FG_035_B…start to finish…WhataMater…FG_43Should you be wondering about her weight…she was a solid two-pounder. I also met the winner of ‘the biggest tomato’ contest…check him out at 2.965 pounds…FG_021_1 I told his owner to stuff him. Tomatoes wearing boxer gloves scare me.

TGIF y’all