PHOTO OF THE DAY – ONE BOURBON – November 9, 2015

It’s an endless hard-rain day on the farm. Even the pig refuses to go out and pee.

I went out to run errands and when I returned, I was so surprised to see D.O.G. in the exact same spot near the couch and my computer, as when I left. Surprised, because Recluse Man is home today and normally he insists, the pigster always wants to go out after I leave. Ahem…yeah right.

I need a hidden camera.

With that said, Recluse Man and I decided to turn this rainy Monday afternoon into the football Sunday I missed yesterday. RM is busy fixin’ enchiladas. Now the pig will never leave.

On my way home from errands in town, I was scanning radio stations and picked up George Thorogood’s song; One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. I knew right then…singing at the top of my lungs…what the Photo of the Day would be.

Man Oh Man… I cranked it up. Seemed like the perfect song on a rainy day. I swear the three dogs in the back seat were jammin’ too. Of course they’re always jammed back there.

What really floored me was when I got home and shared this with Recluse Man only to discover…he did not know this song. How could that be??? It’s nearly a national anthem on the party scene. It’s the ultimate drinking song. This song I grew up on. This song is revered in bars and honkey-tonks around the world. This is a song that many a person has passed out to, fallen off a bar stool, sung to their better-half…always with a smirk and some gravel in the throat. Yet somehow bypassed my Recluse Man??…the musician!!!

So what did I do? Why I played the track on my Mac so loud the tortillas were a-jumpin’ outta the pan.

“Nope…never heard it…but I do like Miles Davis,” Recluse Man said. Could that be? Even D.O.G. was searching for some scotch at that point, for pigs sake!

With that in mind…let me present Photo of the Day…from my Animal Garden Shop collection….POTD_15_11_09_one_bourbon

The really cool thing about this POTD is that my mom made the photo. She was a gifted amateur photographer who concentrated on nature photography. She was a biologist and wrote a weekly nature column for the local paper in Oswego, NY. Her subjects were varied. Anything from trilliums to cockroaches to bogs and woodpeckers. Intimate and educational, finely crafted… that was her style.

There was an old fashioned glass bottle of Pepsi in the original negative that I cropped for my Animal Garden Shop version. The table looks like it’s in a science lab. This makes me wonder…what the heck was going on when she shot this? Was she a mad scientist?…hooked on Pepsi?…partying with the dogs? I don’t remember that dog from any family albums.

But mad scientist? NO

Hooked on Pepsi? NO

Partying with the dogs? MAYBE…(likely)

I hope my mom, if she’s watching over me, will get a kick out of the George Thorogood lyrics I added.

So there’s my take on a rainy-ass Monday.

Thanks mom, for the inspiration…and George Thorogood too.

Wish you could join me for enchiladas with three dogs and a D.O.G.