It’s been raining nearly all day on the funny farm. Perfect time to catch up on some indoor stuff.

I made a list on paper and also in my head, of all the things I wanted to accomplish today. On paper were more business oriented matters. In my head were things like wash the windows, yoga, color my hair, wash windows, laundry, wash the damn windows.

I checked off all the biz ‘to-do’ items…had a wonderful yoga session…laundry is folded and stashed…and the most colorful part?…my hair. It was long overdue as I kept seeing in recent photos of me. Slashes of bleached out highlights under mousy brown and gray roots with white around the temples. Stringy-sparse-bean-stalk hair. That’s what was on my head. It was time for some fixin’.

No doubt you will be seeing more of my real hair in future posts. Today I’d like to share a photo that better depicts what I see in my mind, growing from my head.

For Photo of the Day, I’ve picked one from my Animal Garden Shop collection. I am the eggplant on the left with my new yellow string bean hair.

(Please note…that is not even close to my real nose. I ain’t lyin’.)

On the right is Recluse Man, with an expression almost identical in real life when he saw my new hair. His hair is pretty right-on too, if only the color of cauliflower.

POTD_15_11_07I’m thinking rainy days bring out the strange in me. Do other girls identify with eggplants flaunting yellow string beans and do they see their boyfriends as gourd-guys with radish eyes?

I’m thinking not. But I betcha they’re windows are clean.