Last month the famous Woolly Worm Festival was held in Banner Elk, NC. It’s a BIG deal. HUGE crowds. Woolly worms GALORE.

During two days of celebrating mountain life, the grand finale is the final heat of the woolly worm races. There are usually about 1000 woolly worms competing! They race up strings…worming their way to the top…until the final winner is declared. Fastest woolly worm takes all, ($1000). From that winner we get the winter forecast. I learned there are thirteen segments to a wolly worm’s body that supposedly correspond to the thirteen weeks of winter.

Did you hear that? Since when do we only have thirteen weeks of winter?

Twinkle Toes won this year and it looks like a dreary, cold winter. Twinkle Toes was last seen heading for Key West.

Meanwhile back on the funny farm, I found my own woolly worm and devised my own techniques for racing and predicting the winter.

All it took was a dirty-nosed pig named D.O.G., and a woolly worm I found on the driveway. I figured whichever way that woolly worm stomped off the pig, that was the direction I would take for the winter.

For your Photos of the Day…here is my version of a woolly worm race.


OK …so that was only a warm-up. The woolly worm headed north and was about to be squished by D.O.G. I will neither allow squishing, nor northward bound worms in this race!POTD_15_11_12_wollypig_2_A

So now for the real thing…POTD_15_11_12_wollypig_3

Looking Good!! Heading SOUTH at a strong pace…and D.O.G is rootin’!!!!POTD_15_11_12_wollypig_5

Woo Hoo! Back flip down the steep part!!!!POTD_15_11_12_wollypig_6

That’s IT! D.O.G. and I are heading south for the winter…POTD_15_11_12_wollypig_7So long…Recluse Man!